H ere at ALBA Salon and Spa, our full body massages help to cure muscular pains in your joints. They also help in relaxing and elevating your mood while being performed a room that is themed in a calming environment. Full body massage is a way of curing deep tissue injuries. Bodywork is performed on your neck, shoulders, arms, and back, going all the way down to your legs.

We have a variety of massages. From Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, and a host of others. The benefits of a massage range from improved breathing, a healthy heart, lymphatic detox, refreshed skin, a relaxed nervous system and a multitude of others that your body and mindset will thank you for.

Try our Swedish massage. It applies little pressure strokes on focused areas, then increases pressure and deep strokes later in your session. Soon After, more attention is given to your muscular pains. Swedish massage is especially good for managing pain and for relaxation.


Sarah Dean

Sarah is an amazing esthetician and in charge of all things spa at Alba Salon and Spa. She offers a wide range of services including skincare, nails, tanning and makeup. She excels at bridal makeup and loves being a part of such a special day for people.


30 min. Swedish Massage

   30 min.

$ 50

60 min. Swedish Massage

   60 min.

$ 100

90 min. Swedish Massage

   90 min.

$ 150

30 min. Deep Tissue Massage

   30 min.

$ 55

60 min. Deep Tissue Massage

   60 min.

$ 110

60 min. Prenatal Massage

   60 min.

$ 110


Sarah and Emma are wonderful! Both ladies were very nice and were willing to put up with my rambling while doing the dry run for my hair and makeup and the day of hair and makeup for my wedding. They did an amazing job! Highly recommend them! Thank you again!

Amanda Hodapp

If you are looking for talented and professional makeup and hair stylists for your wedding day, Alba Beauty Studios will make your day memorable!

Alexandra D’Agostino

Alba is such a cool space- super clean and sanitized as well. I made my appointment with Tam and she gave me the best haircut! It’s taken me awhile to find a hairstylist in the Cincinnati area and now I won’t be going to anyone else.

Andrew Kugler

Tam was wonderful and professional! She styled and braided my hair just like the Pinterest pic I showed her. Got my makeup done by Sarah I think, sorry! But she was absolutely delightful and made me look beautiful for my wedding anniversary. Highly recommend.

Gina Bohl

Hair Coloring

Hair Cuts