C lassic eyelash extensions are the simplest set of lashes you can get. We use one extension and attach it to one of your natural lashes giving it that classy enhancement. This set is perfect for those who are just starting to try out extensions and want something more natural-looking. We like to make these lashes look like you’re just using a really great mascara!
Volume lashes give you a full, glam look. With volume lashes, we apply a “fan” of multiple extensions onto one of your natural lashes. Don’t worry, we make sure to use a light-weight fan so it doesn’t compromise the integrity of your natural lash. Volume lashes are the way to go if you wear dramatic falsies on the daily!

Hybrid lashes are a mixture between classic and volume lashes, giving you the best of both worlds! With this set, it creates a more textured look and is going to be the most customizable as far as fullness goes. If you are looking for a set of lashes that gives you a little more glam than mascara, but not as much as falsies or strip lashes, hybrid lashes are going to be your favorite!

Brittany Moran

Brittany is in charge of our nail department and spa. Her outgoing personality makes her a perfect fit for the industry. She offers a wide range of skills and can be seen in the salon doing anything from hair & nail services to spray tans.


Classic Lash Install

   90 min.

$ 150

Class Lash 2 Week Fill


$ 60

Volumke Lash Install

   105 min.

$ 250

Volume 2 Week Lash Fill


$ 100

Hybrid Lash Install

   90 min.

$ 200

Hybrid 2 Week Lash Fill

   45 min.

$ 75


Sarah and Emma are wonderful! Both ladies were very nice and were willing to put up with my rambling while doing the dry run for my hair and makeup and the day of hair and makeup for my wedding. They did an amazing job! Highly recommend them! Thank you again!

Amanda Hodapp

If you are looking for talented and professional makeup and hair stylists for your wedding day, Alba Beauty Studios will make your day memorable!

Alexandra D’Agostino

Alba is such a cool space- super clean and sanitized as well. I made my appointment with Tam and she gave me the best haircut! It’s taken me awhile to find a hairstylist in the Cincinnati area and now I won’t be going to anyone else.

Andrew Kugler

Tam was wonderful and professional! She styled and braided my hair just like the Pinterest pic I showed her. Got my makeup done by Sarah I think, sorry! But she was absolutely delightful and made me look beautiful for my wedding anniversary. Highly recommend.

Gina Bohl

Hair Coloring

Hair Cuts