C J’s career within the beauty industry started 9 years ago at Michael’s College of Hair Design in Northern KY. Her inspiration has always been the people who make their way to her chair. She never anticipated becoming a cosmetologist, but she has always had a strong calling to work with people and to make sure they know they are loved. CJ loves that this industry allows so many opportunities to reach out and support others. She strives to create a safe and peaceful environment for all.
CJ has a broad range of interests and specialties within the hair world but has also spent a lot of time focusing on wedding hair. Her calm nature helps set brides at ease so they are able to enjoy their time making lifelong memories with friends and family. She has always been fond of men’s cutting and at times she feels that is second nature. CJ enjoys the challenge of customizing color for every client based on their specific needs. She is also passionate about continuing education so that she is able to deliver the latest trends with confidence.

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